About Nintendo

Native name 任天堂株式会社
Romanized name Nintendō
Formerly called Nintendo Karuta (1889)
Type Kabushiki gaisha (public)
Traded as TYO: 7974, OTC Pink: NTDOY, TOPIX Core30 component (7974)
ISIN [ JP3756600007]
Industry Video game industry, Consumer electronics
Founded September 23, 1889 in Shimogyō-ku, Kyoto, Japan
Founder Fusajiro Yamauchi
Area served Worldwide
Key people Shuntaro Furukawa (president), Shigeru Miyamoto (fellow)
Production output Hardware: 28.83 million, Software: 230.88 million(2021)
Services Nintendo eShop, My Nintendo, Nintendo Switch Online
Revenue ¥ 1.759 trillion (2021)
Operating income ¥ 640.634 billion (2021)
Total assets ¥ 2.447 trillion (2021)
Total equity ¥ 1.875 trillion (2021)
Number of employees 6,547(2021)
Divisions Entertainment Planning & Development, Platform Technology Development, Business Development
Website [www.nintendo.com]
Twitter https://twitter.com/Nintendo
Instagram https://instagram.com/nintendo
Facebook https://facebook.com/Nintendo
Youtube channel UCkH3CcMfqww9RsZvPRPkAJA

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To check the balance of a Nintendo eGift voucher you got as a gift or prize, go to the offer page on the company's website or mobile app. There is a section where you can review the balance of your Nintendo gift card. Simply input the card number and PIN, press ‘Check Balance,' and the balance figure will be displayed.